Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fixing a 430 EX

Whilst playing with my flash + umbrella + light stand i managed to drop my 430 on the carpeted floor which I didn't think had caused any damage.
Sadly this wasnt the case as when i turned off the flash and then turned it back on again it gave a scary sounding grinding noise and wouldnt switch mode, I realised this was due to the motor not operating as it should so with all due care ( and thoughts of zapping myself silly with the inner workings of a strobe) I removed the 8 screws hiding under the circular parts on the sides of the head which allowed the case to come apart.
A little slight pressure on the front of the flash (with the fresnel screens removed) and i heard a little click as the motor re-engaged and with a quick test i was ready to put it all back together again.

PHEW another strobe saved ! its all working as it should again.

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