Friday, 12 August 2011

Sigma 70-300 F/4-5.6 APO DG Macro

A return to blogging with a return to an old lens !

I have just added a couple of shots I took of my Sigma lens when I was selling it, The original shot in my stream on Flickr is one of my most popular images and still receives hits nearly every day so I thought I would add the others as a test to see if they too collected hits.
I am still not sure whether it is because of my great picture with excellent lighting :) or it is due to the popularity of the lens that it gets so many hits but im hoping its just my skill lol, In fact I often wonder whether I should of kept the lens if it was so good ?
I admit that it was a great all round carry anywhere lens that I thought my other lenses would cover easily but for the sheer versatility (even if it was a little light hungry) I just could not fault the lens and miss it sometimes while out and about.
As a cheap (compared to others with the same reach) lens I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others as a nice carry around lens and even the macro capability was pretty good.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Moon plus convertor no crop

Moon plus convertor no crop
Originally uploaded by Dean™
A ubiquitous moon shot, Yes I know everyone who has a lens capable of zooming wants a picture of the moon yet so many people fail and get a blurry blob of white light for their efforts.
Well truth be told me too when i got my first zoom, It all stems from the fact it is night time and it is a small point of light in a blue/black sky and what you need to know is it is still daylight on the moon or we wouldnt be able to see it.
This picture was taken at the following settings
Exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO Speed: 100

So all you need to do is set your camera up to take a daylight picture and you too will be forever taking pictures of the different moon phases.
Dont forget its a long way away too and camera shake is very evident so if you can get it on a tripod, Beanbag wall or somewhere where you can get a steady picture and set your camera to the 2/10 second timer so you can press the button and retire to a safe distance.

Have fun and best of luck on your shots !

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chaffinch in the rain

Originally uploaded by Dean™
This Chaffinch doesn't look as miserable as i felt. I had the day off work with no other distractions so I took a trip to Clumber park in Nottinghamshire.
Clumber park is a great place with hot and cold running squirrels everywhere you look and more birds than you can shake a stick at yet it was also the wettest day of the week, So after sitting in my car and drinking my coffee while waiting for a break in the clouds and taking the time to lens-pen my lenses cleaner than new I sat listening to the birdsong and relaxed.
After a little walk in the rain and a trip to the toilet (too much coffee) I went back to the car and decided to head home as the weather seemed to be in for the day and it wasn't getting worse but wasn't getting any better either, On my way home via the scenic route past the great lake at Norton (click the picture and look at the map screen if you wish to know where) I saw a row of feed stations on the tops of the fence posts so pulled into the lay-by and sat and waited a while.

Soon there were Robins, Sparrows and Chaffinches all hopping from feeder to feeder in search of treats and this helped to brighten my day a little even though it was dark, Miserable and wet I did get a few half decent pictures, All in all I found a few places I am going to go back to when the weather improves so it wasn't a bad day.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Daffodil wide Screen

Daffodil wide Screen
Originally uploaded by Dean™
As i haven't actually been taking many pictures this year (insert usual procrastinating excuses, lack of time, Energy and general creativity) I just had to make do and mend one of my old pictures for a cheery desktop image for my wide-screen monitor.

I am in the middle of a house move at the moment and hopefully I will be able to take a lot more pictures when it is all behind me, Lots of self portraits of me Gardening, Decorating, building etc. I would imagine for a while but I do have plans for photographs and makeshift studios after all the walls are generic and plain at the moment I would guess to help to sell the property.

One of my main problems is lack of energy and time so now the days are getting longer too I am going to try to force myself to take pictures daily even if i just delete them at the end of the day it will get me out of my general non photography pit i seem to be in.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Personality and portraits

40's Taylor
Originally uploaded by Dean™
As i have neglected this blog for so long i felt the need to update with my latest picture, In fact my flickr stream is sadly lacking too but not for the fact im not taking pictures.
Im actually not taking pictures I feel like sharing with everyone, Im not taking "public" pictures at the moment which was a surprise to me and also a revelation.
When i picked up my 400D my main goal was to be able to take better pictures of family and friends and maybe take a picture or two that said something to others out there that didn't know me. I wished to be more technically competent yet also be able to capture people with a natural look and not just the stiff posed deer in the headlights look and with a lot of pictures im taking now im actually doing just that.

I know i have quite a way to go but i have relaxed into the pictures a little more now, They don't have to be pixel perfect technically superior pieces of "ART" i can actually take a snapshot again which to me seems to say i have gone on to another stage of shooting, One where I actually can make the camera do what i wish most of the time without having to RTFM and i can also play a little more with the subject and make them enjoy having their picture taken like my son who is still smiling in the picture and not looking bored at me while i adjust/tweak/changelens/batteryfiddle etc etc.
So here is to the exciting times ahead where i try to find thing i can and want to share with the public again instead of just for and of family and friends.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Voyeuristic intentions.

People watching is fun !
No honestly it is, Im not confident enough to stick my camera in peoples faces yet i find some of the street reportage style work posted on flickr great.
I have a limited number of shots that i have taken while people watching but i seem to miss the "decisive moment" as it were and think to myself wow that would of made a great picture, I guess its all in the timing and the ability to predict the event and my timing is still a little off.
I am working on it though so i expect there will be a few more pictures in my portfolio of street scenes if i can get my timing right.

Anyway here is a link to Stephen Wright's flickr stream who does manage to get the timing right and he has a great ability to predict the picture before it happens.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The race

The race
Originally uploaded by Dean™
Yes its that time of year again when the summer starts to end and the nights draw in, People often get discouraged in their photography towards the winter and you really shouldn't as with autumn just around the corner the trees are starting to look great with all the greens yellows browns and reds.
Find an established old woodland and break out that flash to get some great shots of the many varied fungi that will be making its appearance shortly as it gets damper, The morning light is easier to catch too as it pops its head up later and later in the day so you can practice those misty morning sunrise shots just remember to wrap up warm !