Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The race

The race
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Yes its that time of year again when the summer starts to end and the nights draw in, People often get discouraged in their photography towards the winter and you really shouldn't as with autumn just around the corner the trees are starting to look great with all the greens yellows browns and reds.
Find an established old woodland and break out that flash to get some great shots of the many varied fungi that will be making its appearance shortly as it gets damper, The morning light is easier to catch too as it pops its head up later and later in the day so you can practice those misty morning sunrise shots just remember to wrap up warm !


Phil Lowe said...

Dean, I know this might sound silly but I didn't realise you actually had a blog - some folk just set up a link to comment. I like your writing mate and it seems that we are both Rick Stein fans.

Dean said...

Im afraid the blog is more of a personal thinking space and not a publicised blog, Hopefully anyone who does come across it can take something away with them.

I shall be returning to the blog a bit more soon after Christmas when work calms down and the camera comes out more again, Thanks for reading.