Friday, 18 December 2009

Personality and portraits

40's Taylor
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As i have neglected this blog for so long i felt the need to update with my latest picture, In fact my flickr stream is sadly lacking too but not for the fact im not taking pictures.
Im actually not taking pictures I feel like sharing with everyone, Im not taking "public" pictures at the moment which was a surprise to me and also a revelation.
When i picked up my 400D my main goal was to be able to take better pictures of family and friends and maybe take a picture or two that said something to others out there that didn't know me. I wished to be more technically competent yet also be able to capture people with a natural look and not just the stiff posed deer in the headlights look and with a lot of pictures im taking now im actually doing just that.

I know i have quite a way to go but i have relaxed into the pictures a little more now, They don't have to be pixel perfect technically superior pieces of "ART" i can actually take a snapshot again which to me seems to say i have gone on to another stage of shooting, One where I actually can make the camera do what i wish most of the time without having to RTFM and i can also play a little more with the subject and make them enjoy having their picture taken like my son who is still smiling in the picture and not looking bored at me while i adjust/tweak/changelens/batteryfiddle etc etc.
So here is to the exciting times ahead where i try to find thing i can and want to share with the public again instead of just for and of family and friends.

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