Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Daffodil wide Screen

Daffodil wide Screen
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As i haven't actually been taking many pictures this year (insert usual procrastinating excuses, lack of time, Energy and general creativity) I just had to make do and mend one of my old pictures for a cheery desktop image for my wide-screen monitor.

I am in the middle of a house move at the moment and hopefully I will be able to take a lot more pictures when it is all behind me, Lots of self portraits of me Gardening, Decorating, building etc. I would imagine for a while but I do have plans for photographs and makeshift studios after all the walls are generic and plain at the moment I would guess to help to sell the property.

One of my main problems is lack of energy and time so now the days are getting longer too I am going to try to force myself to take pictures daily even if i just delete them at the end of the day it will get me out of my general non photography pit i seem to be in.

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