Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chaffinch in the rain

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This Chaffinch doesn't look as miserable as i felt. I had the day off work with no other distractions so I took a trip to Clumber park in Nottinghamshire.
Clumber park is a great place with hot and cold running squirrels everywhere you look and more birds than you can shake a stick at yet it was also the wettest day of the week, So after sitting in my car and drinking my coffee while waiting for a break in the clouds and taking the time to lens-pen my lenses cleaner than new I sat listening to the birdsong and relaxed.
After a little walk in the rain and a trip to the toilet (too much coffee) I went back to the car and decided to head home as the weather seemed to be in for the day and it wasn't getting worse but wasn't getting any better either, On my way home via the scenic route past the great lake at Norton (click the picture and look at the map screen if you wish to know where) I saw a row of feed stations on the tops of the fence posts so pulled into the lay-by and sat and waited a while.

Soon there were Robins, Sparrows and Chaffinches all hopping from feeder to feeder in search of treats and this helped to brighten my day a little even though it was dark, Miserable and wet I did get a few half decent pictures, All in all I found a few places I am going to go back to when the weather improves so it wasn't a bad day.

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