Friday, 23 April 2010

Moon plus convertor no crop

Moon plus convertor no crop
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A ubiquitous moon shot, Yes I know everyone who has a lens capable of zooming wants a picture of the moon yet so many people fail and get a blurry blob of white light for their efforts.
Well truth be told me too when i got my first zoom, It all stems from the fact it is night time and it is a small point of light in a blue/black sky and what you need to know is it is still daylight on the moon or we wouldnt be able to see it.
This picture was taken at the following settings
Exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO Speed: 100

So all you need to do is set your camera up to take a daylight picture and you too will be forever taking pictures of the different moon phases.
Dont forget its a long way away too and camera shake is very evident so if you can get it on a tripod, Beanbag wall or somewhere where you can get a steady picture and set your camera to the 2/10 second timer so you can press the button and retire to a safe distance.

Have fun and best of luck on your shots !

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